It all begins and ends with you

Safety that is. I have said it before, but at this point, I believe that there is only one item of safety equipment in the riders toolbox; the rider their self.  Everything else is for survival in an accident.

That basic concept leads into another opinion that I find myself gravitating towards.  Bigger, heavier and sturdier cars do not make drivers safer, if anything, they make drivers overconfident and careless.  The bigger and heavier vehicles not about making the cars safer on the roads, they are about improving the survivability of the occupants, and nothing more.  

Keeping that in mind, we have to start focusing on what truly makes the roads safer.  Driver & rider (henceforth singly referred to as driver), not the vehicles themselves.  For a long time I have advocated the MSF, but at this point, I am beginning to think that we do not do enough to educate drivers, nor is there any requirement that drivers work to become safe drivers.  

As a parent of a new driver and another soon to enter the roadways, what can I do to make them better drivers who care more about their fellow road users?  Would it be unreasonable to force them to take the MSF Basic Riders Course even if they have no intention of riding on two wheels?  Defensive Driving classes? What other things can be done to educated these drivers?  

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