Fall Is Here

Cool mornings, gorgeous afternoons, gentle breezes,  sunshine, does it get any better?

No, not really.  Needless to say, I love this time of year in Atlanta.  Mornings in the mid 50's, with highs in the high 70's & low 80's just make for great riding days.  Last night after work, I had to run some things up to the storage unit for my business, so I took off at 5:00 for a nice ride up to the storage unit (about 7 miles from the office).  Somehow, the road home, a 10 mile trip took over 70 miles.  

We'll call it the longlonglong way home.  Basically, traffic was stacked up to the left, so I went right and kinda followed the route that just felt like fun.  If you are familiar with the area at all, I started up on the south side of Cumming near Castleberry and 141, and headed west across 20, and then roughly south on backroads to 372, and then back towards Milton/Alpharetta across Union Hill, New Bullpen and Brimingham.  

This whole area is a strange mix of rural and suburban lifestyles, frequently right next to each other.  There are 'equestrian' communities with +1 million dollar homes with a trailer home on a 90 acre farm right next to them.   There are 500 home communities butting up to working farms, all set off of roads that are more countryside than suburbia, then you turn and pop up in the heart of suburban living.  It make for some interesting riding, and on an evening when work has been difficult and stressful, sometimes, the path of least resistance can make for a path most refreshing.  

Returning home to pull the pot roast from the crock pot and sit down with most of my family (Abby was at Gymnastics) over a homey dinner of homemade bread, fresh veggies and a pot roast after a ride that has cleansed me of my stress, just emphasizes how incredibly lucky I've been in this adventure.  What started off for the most mundane of reasons, saving gas and environmental impact has become something more.  A passion, a hobby, and a release, the time spent 'out riding' has become liberating and in many ways has returned some of the simple joys in life that I thought were lost forever to the bygone days of my youth. 

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