The Inner Hooligan

So every now and then, the inner hooligan gets out.  The dirty little secret, is that even though I ride a scooter, some times I need to let that hooligan out.  

Last night, it happened.  There really is nothing like the rush of air and adrenaline that comes with barnstorming down a beautiful road at speeds that exceed both rational and reasonable.  I know I shouldn't admit that.  I know I am usually very safety oriented, but every now and again...

Well, I suppose it happens to the best of us.  On the upside, it is a scooter, so there are limits to how fast it will go.  The downside, it will still go fast enough to get me in trouble.  It didn't last night,  but looking at the GPS later and seeing what speeds I did hit, well, let's just say that there are things yo just don't admit to in public.

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