A Flawed Personality?

This last few weeks has been very interesting in a sometimes less than fun or flattering way.  It all started with a 'disagreement' at work, that led to an upset coworker, that led to some rather heated discourse, and ultimately, me walking away asking myself some questions and taking a deep look at myself.  This was followed up by my son having some difficulty in school, and truth be told in life.  Difficulties that looked uncomfortably familiar.

Now I have always been prone to introspection, and am perfectly willing to make changes when I need to.  So it is that I find myself taking a deep look at my life, my choices and I believe I have identified what may well be the core issue in my life.  That one thing that drives other issues, that one thing that every single issue revolves a round. 

The more I look at myself, the more I see what others might view as a flawed personality trait. It seems that somewhere inside of myself, there is a trigger that makes me gravitate away from the social norms.  Perhaps gravitate is to mild a description.  Honest self analysis says that when given societal norms to conform to, I will instinctively go against the grain. This is not a conscious effort, nor did I even really see how pervasive in my life this has become until this latest bout of self doubt and introspection.

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