Rain, it's just water

Well, water and a whole additional set of hazards to watch for.  I know that many riders will not ride in the rain.  I know that my wife questions my sanity when I start putting on the gear to ride to work when it is pouring down rain outside, but the thing is, I choose to ride as my transportation.  It is unreasonable to say I am not going somewhere just because it is raining.  So I ride in the rain. 

Yesterday was an excellent example. I knew the forecast was for thunderstorms all day.  All this meant was that I dressed accordingly, slipped on the rain gear and out I went. 

Sure, once on the bike, things are a little different.  Speeds are a little lower.  Turns are taken with more emphasis in maximizing traction.  Really, just a normal ride with some extra awareness, except for one thing.  Other drivers behaviors become even more erratic.  This is expected, and is just something to be dealt with.  I find it very interesting that other riders in the area intimidated by riding in the rain.

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