Three Weeks without a Car

It has now been a full three weeks since I turned the keys over to the daughter and became a full-time scooter commuter without a fallback sitting in the garage.  Nothing much has changed.  I guess that having that ability to grab the car as needed has been more of a mental thing than a reality for the last year or so though.  

I do not really know why I expected it to be bigger deal than it has been though.  If I had thought through it all, I would imagine I would have understood it better.  I started riding 5 years ago (in August).  Since then, I am on my third scooter, and between the three have accumulated just a little under 40,000 miles.  Bad weather has never really been a hurdle in the past.

The more I look at it, the more I think it is like a security blanket.  The car wasn't a necessity, but it was 'nice' to have there when I wanted it.  Overall, the transition from Scooter Commuter with a car to Scooter Commuter without a car has proven to be failry painless, because the car had become largely a garage dweller.

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