As a part of the transition to a more personal format for the blog and the site, I have reworked the look of the site.  What you are now looking at is more or less the same format I work in.  I find it easier on the eyes.

It should also load a good bit faster as the layout is a bit less complex.

Also, the site now keeps 5 articles on the main page and moves all of the old content into historical lists by year.


As is fairly obvious, I took the last 2 months off from the blog.  It wasn't because I had nothing to say, but that some of what I wanted to say wasn't scooter related.  Some of that is because I am finding that where I was when I started this blog, and where I am today is a different place in my life.

I still ride, and I still enjoy the ride.  In many ways, I enjoy the ride more today than the day I started riding.  What I have largely stopped doing is the purely recreational riding, and I have been choosing to spend my weekends doing something different from riding.

As summer was winding down this year, I took my kids to play golf with me, and I started a new addiction for them.  Since then, most every weekend has been spent either playing golf with my children, or getting them equipped to play golf.  In that time, I still ride to and from work, and for most of my errands, but a scooter is not a vehicle well suited to hauling golf clubs.

All of this kind of pushed me to do some more thinking about this blog.  In the past, I have focused on things solely scooter related and tried to keep the life side of things out.  What this two month break has taught me is that I cannot do that.   Life and the things we do are as important to share as the joy of the ride. 

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