50k miles, probably 3x that many smiles

Since I really started riding scooters and motorcycles as my primary transportation 5 years ago, you would think that I would have hit this number a good while back.  The problem is that for the first 4 of those years, I still had a car that I used far more than I thought.  Add in that I do very little 'recreational' riding and all of the sudden, my mileage really wasn't that high.  I had about 25k miles on the Kymco when I sold it.  Before that I put about 1500 miles on a chinese 150.  Well, the BV rolled past 24k miles last week, so that puts me into past the 50k mark.

Back when I started this adventure, 50k seemed like a bunch of miles.  Conversely, having really committed to the scooter and given up the car, it does not seem like much anymore.  The nature of my job means that I don't put an excess amount of miles in regardless.  For the last 10 years I have averaged 12k miles per year, total. 

These days, I find that I will go anywhere within 100 miles on the scooter and I simply don't think about it as being any big deal.    Over 100 miles and I only have to think about it in the context of how much stuff do I *have* to take with me?.  

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