Lessons Learned

At this point in my life, and in the experience of using a scooter, motorcycle or bicycle to get around, I have reached a conclusion.  A conclusion that I wish I had reached much much sooner in my life. 

When I was younger, high school and college age younger, I owned a car but I truly lived on my bicycle.  I rode it everywhere and anywhere, including places I should not have. At that time in my life, I was in good shape.  Riding was a mixture of pleasure and transportation.  As I got older, got married watched my wife bring or children in to the world, I lost touch with the fitness and love of my bicycle.  

I became distracted.  The creature comforts of a car.  The ease and "safety" as it is.  I told myself I enjoyed driving, and I suppose I did, for a while. 10 years ago, I bought my first mountain bike, and started back to riding, casually and purely for recreation.  The enjoyment was there, but the fitness was not.  I had gotten old, fat and out of shape, so I never really committed to it.  6 years ago this moth, I bought my first scooter.  

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