Misadventures in Cycling

Of all the lessons I have learned in riding few are as unexpected as the tidbit that part of riding is learning some basic mechanical skills.  Having the skills and knowing the frequently encountered issues with your ride will save a lot of stress and worry.

In my case, the Piaggio MASTER 500 engines are notorious for fuel pickup issues related to ethanol making hoses expand and rupture. I knew this, and as you are about the hear, I should have known better.

My BV is a year older than my brother's X9. He's got about 5k miles on his. I'm a bit closer to 40k. His fuel line inside the fuel tank, between the filter and pump, ruptured about 3 weeks ago. I am the one that did the repair. After doing his, I had the parts lying on the work bench to do mine, but I just didn't feel like tearing the plastic off (forgetting that on the BV, you can do the job only removing 1 piece of tupperware, while the X9 is major surgery, and about 15 bits of plastic.) 

Anyways, last week I had to make a run to Chattanooga, TN to visit a customer, so I went out that morning and rocked the back roads ( map ) any chance to ride Fort Mountain is not to be missed. After filling up in Dalton on the way up, I did get a couple of what felt like misfires. I should have known then, but it didn't register. I was focused on what I needed to work on at the customers office when I got there.

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