Time Off & Exiting the Comfort Zone

Because of work demands, I take occasional unexpected breaks from blogging about the scooter.  This one has been longer than usual.  In fairness, I am going to share a little about what is going on. 

If you follow any of my other work, you already know that I have been experimenting with the Apple iPad as a potential replacement for carrying a laptop computer.  That experiment is working well, with a handful of exceptions.  The most notable exception for the moment is my blogs.  For years I have used desktop software for my blogs.  The primary reason is that I find them easier to use and manage.  The problem is that as I have divorced from my laptop, I have given up some of the flexibility of using said desktop software.  At the moment, I do not have a good solution.

Oddly, even that really hasn't been the biggest issue at hand.  The biggest issue has been the insanity that is work.

Never in my professional life have I seen the convergence of so many things crammed into one three month period.  We are moving, hiring, merging another company into ours, have a major development project wrapping up, another starting up, have seen existing support demands skyrocket and we have our annual trade show/convention in the middle of it all.  It probably doesn't look like that much until you consider that we are a 5 person company.

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