Going Full-Time

Well, I knew it was coming a while back, but the time is finally here. 10 days from now, my oldest daughter will most likely become the 3rd driver in the house. Though I do not tell her enough, she is as ready as she is going to be. She still does not have the skills I would want as a parent, she has reached the point where the only thing that can increase the skills is time in the seat. I am not ready for her to have that independence, but as a parent, sometimes we have to do that which is hardest for us; let go.

This has a pretty straightforward impact on me though. For the last 18 months, she and I have shared a car. If the weather has been iffy, I take the car. Since she has needed another driver with her to drive it, it hasn't been an issue. With school out, and her summer job schedule getting busy, it is time for me to give up that 'security blanket'. Starting today, I have gone full-time as a rider, rather than the 'most of the time' I have been for the last 3 years. The transition itself is not all that hard, but there are a few things I will have to adjust to. 

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