Mixing Communities

This past weekend, I spent sunday doing something I rarely do, riding in a group.  In this case one of the local motorcycle clubs put on a charity event Dice Run.  This was an interesting event in that the club in question actually reached out and invited our scooter club to join in.  While we are not as numerous in this city (about 20-1 in favor of the harley's), we did our best to put on a good showing with last minute notice and daunting weather.  

We ended up with 8 scooters, 5 of them being vintage Vespa's.  What was most interesting was quite how welcome the largely Harley crowd was of the scooters, vintage and modern.  We rode with them and got alot of compliments.  This for me, is further anecdotal evidence that many of the us vs them barriers in the motorcycling world are starting to come down.

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