About TwoWheelJunction, changes and other notes...

As the long time readers here probably recall, Two Wheel Junction started life as my little project to consolidate motorcycle news.  I would still like it otto be that, but it had a couple of problems from the get go.  One was that as both editor and code monkey, my time was often split between the two details.   It did not help that I chose to implement it in a language and toolset that was new to me, and I was doing all of this in a fairly small window of time since it was not just a side project, it was one of three side projects.  In hindsight, I see that the vision as it was, was never going to be fulfilled.

Over the last couple of years, I have come back to the original site idea a couple of times, and I while I really want to make it happen, time and the platform I originally created it in have created hurdles that I just haven't been willing to overcome.  Oddly, work has come to the rescue.

Recently, I have had a project land in my lap that plays heavily into the direction I want to go with TWJ technically.  This is great because it gives me an excuse to merge hobby and work into one.  Because of that I am rebuilding the technology that powers Two Wheel Junction.  The question of how does this impact this blog?  

Battling the Heat

Sometimes the weather itself conspires to make riding with less than optimal gear about as unattractive as possible.  Living in the city affectionately known as 'Hotlanta', we understand heat and humidity.  The last few weeks have seen temps in the 90's.  That really is not that bad, but when the humidity is a matching 90%, it can get really uncomfortable to ride while wearing full gear.

This is something that I can completely understand, and unfortunately, I find that even as safety oriented as I am, there are times when I make the less than safe choice.  I do so in full awareness of the risk I am taking. 

There has long been a phrase that applies here: Sweat washes off, road rash doesn't.  The problem is that while this is true, dehydration and heatstroke are  very real issues.  

In riding a good bit lately, I find that as the heat goes up, I need to stop often for water and the occasional salty snack.  Together this helps prevent problems, but there is the other issue.  Safety Gear adds layers and heat.  So finding gear that breathes well is something that we have to do.  

The longer I ride, the more I find myself collecting multiple sets of gear.  Winter gear, Spring/Fall Gear, Summer Gear, Rain Gear and other knick knacks.  This falls into the hidden costs category.  In the end, it is worth it.  But it is worth noting, that even choices in helmets play into this.  Though I have a couple of dark helmets, in the summer, it is white or silver with a lot of venting.  

For a cheap but lots of airflow full face, I like the GMax G68s (in solid white).

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