Fitness and Living 'Better'

'Better'. A subjective term, particular when applied to the idea of living.  Each person has a different view of what is better. This is not a bad thing. Every now and then we each make choices that we have to then 'live' with.  Riding may be one that many of us share.  For me there is another one, and while it has tangential references to riding, the res of this post is not about riding the motorcycle or scooter. Today, I want to talk about another choice.  It is a choice that comes in two parts.  Part 1 is getting fit.  Part 2 is about living 'better'. 

The choice is simply to add a bicycle into my commuting.  Door to door, my office is 14 miles from the house using a mixture of rural roads and bike paths. The distance is not that bad.  It takes roughly 30 minutes to commute by scooter.  I can cover the commute on a bicycle in a little under an hour.  In order to prepare for this, I wanted to make sure that I could handle the ride before I committed to doing it as a part of my commute, so for the last month or so, I have been riding 2-3 times a week in the evenings between 14 and 30 miles.  I have also been working towards being able carry only an iPad on my commute.

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