First Frost

So yeah, we got a bit of frost this morning.  Low was 31 according to the household thermometer. Yeah, my faceshield gets foggy quicker but that's about it.  This is the first really cold weather time I've spent with the BV500.   The wider flyscreen makes quite a difference in terms of keeping warm.  Surprisingly, my legs get more cool air than on the People 250.  It's not unmanageable, but it will mean that I wear my wool socks more often on colder days.

Anyways, it remains all about the ride, and the sights to be seen.  Last night I finally got around to getting a couple of pictures that I've been wanting to shoot, but the weather and lighting just hasn't worked out until last night.  

Both are now in the 'favorites' gallery, 

The first, is a horse barn that is the focal point and centerpiece of an equestrian neighborhood.  This massive barn is nice, but it sits on a great piece of land, with rolling hills and a great hardwood stand that will most likely be bulldozed for the neighborhood.  The loss of the trees behind this barn is the kind of development that just breaks my heart. 

The second, is an instance where history has been preserved while the land around it has been developed.  The photo is of an old country store that remains, while the immediate area has grown, admittedly controlled and in a very upscale look and mold, at the Birmingham Crossroads in Milton, GA.

Both shots are in the city of Milton, and are parts of a possible calendar project that I am working on.

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