Hello Friends, both old and new

There comes a time in your life where you realize that you have too many things and you need to get rid of some.  For me, it's websites (at least this week).  In addition to the site(s) I maintain for work, I also have several that I've been doing personally.  Let's see, there's my 'Words of a Geek' site on my .mac account, then there is my three side projects, www.druware.com, www.postgresqlformac.com and of course, www.twowheeljunction.com.    In order to make my life easier and the content more coherent, I've decided to put things where they make sense, and to close down my .mac account, as it is just overkill for what I need.

With that in  mind, I have moved my scooter blogging here.  Sure it isn't perfect, but it's a start.    One of the things to be aware of is that, for the moment, I am not using a server based blogging engine, but a client side tool called SandVox.  Mostly, it just works for my needs, and it's easy to use.

Before anyone asks, the .mac site will stay up for another year, but I will no longer be updating after August 1, all updates will be made here.  For my old friends, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but it was just getting to be too much to update.

Content by dru_satori, edited on a Mac using SandVox (because I'm lazy)