New Givi Windscreen

One of the things that I've missed the most in moving from the Kymco People 250 to the Piaggio BV500 has been the windscreen.  When I bought the BV, I ordered the Piaggio medium windscreen, but after a month I got sick of waiting, so this week I ordered and alternative, in the Givi A106 (  They got it to me yesterday, and I got it installed last night.  This windscreen is a little larger than the one on the Kymco was, so I wanted to get some miles on it to see how it feels, so I squeezed in a few errands after installation to see how it did with the evening winds.  Overall, not bad, you certainly know it is there, but it isn't quite the 'sail' I feared it would be. The upside is that the screen does fill it's primary function well.  

My biggest issue is that on a longer ride, my back got tired from fighting with the wind.  The screen completely solves that problem, and should reduce the rain issues I was battling when it rained.  So while I know there are concerns with windscreens in general, I think this should be alright, particularly on a scooter as heavy as the BV.

Riding in to the office this morning, really helped my opinion though.  The past few mornings have been cool by late July standards, but the afternoons have been muggy and hot, and the reduced airflow on the body helped me stay comfortable, so all in all, I'm quite pleased.  It will be interesting to see if it effects my fuel mileage, which has averaged 68mpg with a high of 81 and a low of *cough*45*cough*.  Starting with the next tank of fuel, I'm resetting the average so I can see what I'm getting in another 2k miles and compare.  

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