Rain Rain Thanks For Coming...

Now won't you stay a while?  Yeah, for a scooter commuter, that may sound backwards, but in all honesty, I'll happily deal with the personal discomfort associated with being a scooter commuter (although I have the car today since I have to pick up some flooring from Lowe's tonight) for the greater benefit of the rain we so desperately need.    I don't know about other riders, but I find that being out in the elements on the scooter, I am even more keenly aware of the impacts of the draught than I have been in prior years in the car.   It's not that the scooter makes any of it that much more noticeable, it's that I'm out in the air more.  There is a definite smell to the clean 'just rained' air that's been missing for months around here.   But for today, I get to miss out.  

Tomorrow looks promising with another 60% chance of rain.  Maybe I'll get lucky and get way tomorrow too.


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