Thanks, Thanksgiving and Strange Weather

First, I need to send a thanks to Dave over at Scooter Cast for the mention this week.  I'm an avid listener, and love what Dave is doing over there.  If you haven't given his podcast a listen, take a few minutes to jump over and add it to your podcast playlist.  

Of course, this week is also Thanksgiving.  Thanskgiving is a strange holiday for me, I look forward to it every year, and in many ways, it is the holiday that has been the least commercialized of any, yet in many ways, it is the ultimate target due to it's secular nature.   Given it's roots during the early settling days of America, there are certainly puritan overtones to the celebration, but even those have been tempered in the intervening years.  What is left is a celebration of thanks; thanks for our families, our lives an all of the little things that so many of us forget to be thankful for throughout the year.

Me, I have to take a few moments, to be thankful for so many things, but most of all, my spouse.  I have been truly blessed by the support of my wife of 13 years in everything that I have done.   While my parents, brothers and children are all very supportive of the choices I make, none is there, day in and day out, supporting me as my wife.   Beyond that, there is my health, and the health of my family.  There is the protection the young men and women that have given up there holidays and are separated by thousands of miles from their families, making sacrifices for the freedom and peace of others as well as mine.  There is the business, there is this website and the readers, there is the fresh air we breathe, the food we eat.  The list goes on and on. 

So I'm just going to cover it all and say thanks to everyone, including mother nature, thanks for the gift she has given us here in the south.

Yes, after that little cold blast a couple of weeks ago that saw us hitting the mid 20s in October, today, it is 78 and just gorgeous outside, with some much needed rain due to arrive tonight, it looks like we should have a delightful Thanksgiving holiday in the mid low 60s.  Maybe friday I can find some friends to take ride up into the mountains.  Until next week, please everyone, have a great holiday, and if you aren't in the US, take a few moments to celebrate our holiday by giving thanks to the people and things you love and value.

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