Situation Normal

Not that I really grasp the concept of NORMAL, but with the kids going back to school this morning, my commuting patterns are returning to normal.  For the first time in 3 months, I knew I was commuting by scooter.  I was so excited, I was awake and ready to go a full 30 minutes early.  Yes, I really do enjoy the ride that much.  

This weekend was good though.  Atlanta is getting it's annual 'fall teaser' right now.  Saturday, we went from highs in the high 90's to highs in the low to mid-80's with a wonderful breeze.  This is mother nature's way of telling us to look forward to October, because she's about to blister us with a few 95+ days with 90% humidity :).  Yes that is facetious, but not far from the truth.  

Thanks to the weather, I did ride out to the scooter shop where I've been working Saturdays selling scooters.  It is a good time, and the shop I'm at everyone that works there rides scooters, most of us own more than one.  The ride itself is a nice ride of about 25 miles each way.  The problem is that it really isn't enough to 'get a fix' when you've been caged almost all week.  So Sunday, it was up early, mow the lawn, only to realize it was the last day of summer for the kids. The only ride I got in Sunday was a run up to my brothers to drop something off for him.  

But with the schedule returning to normal, I'm riding to work daily and it feels good :-).

Of course, I have some side projects.  I've been alluding to these changes for a while.  If you've ever noted the url change since I moved this from my old .Mac digs, you'll note that this is but one part of a larger project.

Two Wheel Junction will (hopefully) grow to be something of a hub for riders around the southeast, and eventually I hope around the  US.  At first, I was thinking small meta-news site focused on the two wheeled world.  But my wants and desires have grown.  

So this month I am working furiously at building something more.

It is my desire to build Two Wheel junction into a central resource for all powered things that have two wheels and are intended to be road ridden.  Because of that, you are going to see some technical posts about what is going on there as well as the scooter related posts you have become accustomed too.

You will also see frequent updates because of my hands on approach with everything that I do.

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