Back in the Saddle (Literally)

Like so many riders, sometimes, convenience wins over the desire to ride.  Then convenience becomes habit, and the old cycles begin again. That's where I was his fall.  Between being the kids taxi and some odd weather, I found myself running around in the cozy coupe (my SMART Car) more than on the scooter.  Interestingly, some of the old frustrated driver personality quirks started to reemerge.

So with the new year I've been back on the scooter more often than not, and it feels good.  The only problem, the weather has remained really strange (it was 25 on the way to work today, with highs of 33, and the home commute should be back in the low 20's).  That hasn't really stopped me, but it has made me reevaluate some gear I have.

One thing that this hammers home though.  I really enjoy riding in the cold.  There is a different feel to cold weather riding.  This is mildly entertaining, since I do not generally enjoy being cold. 

Anyway, before the holidays, I got to add a Scala Rider headset with Bluetooth and MP3 to my kit.  Personally, I am not one to talk on the phone, nor listen to music while I ride.  Both of those seem to defeat the purpose of riding.  But I do enjoy the intercom between rider and passenger or rider to rider when I ride with a friend.  The Scala had good reviews, so I went with it.  While it is configured with my phone, I have answered two phone calls on it, both kept VERY brief.  Even with those brief usages, I see the convenience.  I cannot see the appeal.  Talking on the phone is a distraction that just is not needed on two wheels.  That said, the sound quality is good, and the usability is very good.

The other toy I got to play with was the Sym CityCom 300.  After riding it, and it's stable mate, the Sym RV250 I am impressed.

The Sym CityCom has a great underseat storage in which  my 17" laptop bag fits comfortably.  A lot of nice design elements and features (I hope to have a full review posted in the coming weeks) make for a great suburban commuter. Compared side by side to the RV250 though, it is a tough choice.  Both have great ride qualities, the seating on the RV250 is a touch more comfortable particularly for shorter riders, while the CityCom has excellent storage.  Both have distinct aesthetics.  Despite different engine sizes, the performance is remarkably close.  Choosing between the two would be very very tough if I were in the market, but I think for me, the CityCom would be the winner.

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