Hot Hot Hot

Welcome Summer.  Yikes it went from pleasant to toasty in a big hurry around these parts.  Atlanta has always been notorious for high heat and high humidity, and that has been the order of the day the last week or so.  For me, that always presents a dilemma.  I want to be safe when I ride, but even mesh gear can create heat issues when your body can't cool fast enough.  

On days like today, I find that I sometimes will do something I do not really like to do.   Ride in less than all the gear.  While I still have the helmet, gloves & jacket, I elected for lighter weight pants and shoes than my normal gear.  

I felt naked on the bike.

It was a strange sensation, and while I can see the appeal, I don't think I'll do it again. All I could think about during the ride was 'what if'.  What if is a dangerous game, because once you start thinking about what if's you aren't as focused on what is happening. 

As they say, "sweat washes off".    I think it'll be back to the armored geared in the morning.

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