Stupid People and Accidents

Namely, me and my own.  Complacency will eventually bite you.  Last week, it bit me.  Yes I had an accident, in my car.  It was a classic case of assuming the person in front of you will do what you expect.  Both turning right, we accelerated and then changed his mind.  I accelerated behind him but I was looking back to make sure it was clear to merge when he changed his mind.  


We all know about the word assume.

What is interesting was my wife's observation later when I told her about it.  She noted that she was not surprised, and that had I been on the scooter it wouldn't have happened.  Her point being that, though I shouldn't, I behave differently on two wheels versus four.

That thought intimidates me a little.  If I as a rider, take for granted the added safety of the cage, how can I expect non-riders to be any better?  I can't, and that is a problem. 

Needless to say, I am alright, the car is a little bruised but that can be repaired. But it raises concerns about the future.

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